What’s Happening in My Shop Carl’s Rules?

HOWDY Y’all.  My name is Tim and my shop manager is Carl.  Carl is a rabbit.  He lives in my shop except when my daughter is showing him.  Carl is a Fawn Flemish Giant.  He is the ruler of the shop and safety manager.  Carl is all about the safety of my wood shop.  He is very independent unless I have treats (AKA Carrots).  Then he likes me.


Carl was won in an Auction in the rabbit show community for a dear friend whose mother has cancer and needed help paying for treatments.  Carl has been the best auction item ever won!  He is great company and keeps me on my toes as he likes to lick them.

Over the last week, Carl and I have been tasked with building bed frames for the rental cabin.  With help we spent a day planing culled lumber, and cutting lengths for the beds.  Finally yesterday we got it together in the cabin for use.  This is the frame before it we added the mattress and bedding.  The finish will come later after it has time to get a little abuse and will look more rustic.  This way it will acclimate to the rest of the cabin.20171001_155315[1]Carl and I are planning many more wood working projects and would like to post them here for you to see.  Carl and I have lots of stories of memories and family to come.  This page will be about Carl, wood working projects he (my wife) gets us into.  He listens to her better than I do.  So he tells me how to make it the way she wants.  Also, we would like to tell you about Rabbits and how they can be great companions too.  (Much better than a cat and cleaner than a dog) Just kidding we have all sorts of animals.  My wife has wild kingdom!  So until the next post Carl is listening for the next instruction on projects.